Jai Kingston- Change (Jamaica)

Jai Kingston- My Lord (Jamaica)

Jai Kingston- Jah Mercy (Jamaica)

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Supa Lyrical (Bahamas)

As a music artist, I am very passionate about the way our young youths are being brought up in these times. It is very hard to keep the attention of our young people in the area of being into God the Father. So instead of using this passion for music for the devil i gave it over to the Father to help win souls and to keep our young people passionate in the christian side of life. my mission in this music world just like any other artist for God is to take the power of music away from the devil and use it to glorify God the Father.

I also want to be an example to people to see that we can have fun and really enjoy the music for god just like how the secular world do it but with out all the bad influences our sinful ways of the secular world. We are taking it back and blazing the fire higher for the Almighty in our quest for saving souls and opening people  eyes through the power of Holy music.

This is what Supa Lyrical lives by;  What we do for God will surely last forever. Everything else will surely fade away.

Bless up and lets win this war.

Come to my rescue (Hoszia Hinds from Barbados)

Jai Kingston- They Don’t Know (Jamaica)

Farenite- When I Wake (Trinidad)

Curtis Jordan- Cast Me Not Away (Trinidad)

Ryan Mark- Ah Nuh My Time Yet

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